SIDEWARDS presents
‘If you want, maybe not’

‘If you want, maybe not’ is a new, immersive dance production, whereby 10 performers, who each share a history, must coexist in one space whilst navigating a world tainted by suspicion, mistrust and friction. They ask the question ‘how does human interaction work in the face of conflict?’. Using both body and voice respectively, SIDEWARDS plays with the lines between dance and theatre through use of gesture, visceral physicality, vocal expressiveness and bursts of emotionality.


Led by: Ismini Slijper
Co-creation and performance: Pierre Bastin, Ehren Verrelst, Amalia Guis, Beth Emmerson, Elliot Minogue-Stone, Isabella Arboleda Tovar, Anna Tejero Cirera, Pjotr Nuyts, Axelle Vienne and Pauline Thuriot
With thanks to: Olivia Rose Doyle
Technical support and coaching: Thomas Crols
Filming: Moments In Motion
Coaching: Tijen Lawton, Tuur Marinus, Katleen Van Langendonck
With support from: Fameus, hetPaleis, Liers Cultuurcentrum, KunstZ